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Based in Bunnell, Florida, we serve Flagler County - Bunnell, Palm Coast, Flagler Beach and some surrounding areas such as Palatka and Saint Augustine. We started in 2017 to provide honest service for those who need items moved or taken to the local dump. We utilize our 8 trailers to haul items while making sure the precious cargo is moved with the proper equipment, tied down securely, And delivered safely in once piece (unless it is on it's way to the dump, of course).

Half of our business is taking debris or "junk" to the local landfill, while the other half is moving precious cargo from one place to another. From gun safes to furniture, automobiles to tractors, lumber yard pick-ups to apartment clean-outs. If it is legal we will move it.

The owner is a retired Certified Financial Planner® who would actually rather work with his hands and in sandals and a tank top. He enjoys people and has a significant touch of OCD, which is good for his customers as he makes sure every part of the job is done absolutely as perfect as possible.

So call us if you need something hauled, somthing moved, something delivered, or something relocated in Palm Coast, Bunnell, Flagler Beach, or surrounding ares, and we can give you some idea of what your task for us will cost, and all the details you will need to make sure you are comfortable with the job and price. We serve all of Flagler County and some surrounding areas. Dump trailer rentals, we drop it off, you fill it, we pick it up and dump it. Trailer and dump trailer rentals in bunnell, flagler county, palm coast, flagler beach, ormond, palatka

Normal business hours are: Monday thru Friday - 9-5pm
Special business hours are: When ever you would like, with advance notice.


So call or email us at TrailerBob@HaulingDude.com. We'd love to talk trash with you.







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Call us at 386-585-2971
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