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Flagler Hauling and Trailer Services in Bunnell.
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Owner Bob Fortier is a U. S. Army Veteran and retired Certified Financial Planner™ or CFP® who helped clients plan their finances, meet their retirement goals, learn how to invest, learn how to protect themselves from financial ruin, and learn how to plan for a healthy and happy retirement.

Bob's wife and partner for 30 years, Judy Sweeney, is a professional Graphic Designer who works out of her home office in Bunnell. Some of her clients include Mothers Against Drunk Driving, hundreds of corporate owned Valvoline oil shops, medical groups, tractor trailer air horn manufacturers, and others. She also never says "no" when asked to do pro-bono work for non-profits or start-ups.

They live in West Bunnell with their two dogs..Sweetie the German Shepherd Dog and Frankie the German Shepherd Dog, Pit Bull Terrier and Great Dane mix ( his owner left him to them after taking his life, and what a cool and goofy doggy he is.

This business is not run for the money, though working to lose money would be just dumb. It began when Judy saw Bob spending a few years meeting people in the county, conversing at all the local watering holes, and seeming like he had too much time on his hands. So...she asked the question (which was more of an suggestion)..."Bob, don't you think it would be a good idea if you found a job?". She's the wife, so...welcome to Advantage Hauling & Trailer Services, LLC of Flagler County, Florida. Based in Bunnell and serving Palm Coast, Flagler Beach, Bunnell, and other areas close by.

They have two trucks of which one is a monster diesel. They have two Dump trailers, three Utility trailers, a Car Hauler, and several Enclosed trailers witch are the Cargo type enclosed trailers for when the weather is bad. And the inventory continues to expand. Advantage Hauling & Trailer Services, LLC is here to make life easier. Not let's talk trash, if you will...

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